Tom Gerace

Founder and CEO at Skyword Inc.


Thomas Gerace is the serial entrepreneur and market-innovator responsible for disruptive innovations such as founding Be Free, the first affiliate-marketing company, and SMAC, a committee to create a common vocabulary, standard buying units, and uniform measurement methods for social media. In December 2010, he launched Skyword, a content production platform. Currently, Gerace serves as CEO and founder of Skyword.


People discover information differently than they did before. We search for information when we are actively seeking new information. We look at what our friend and colleagues share when we have time to discover things passively.

Coach, speaker

With Robert McKee, award-winning story authority and best-selling author, Gerace leads Storynomics™ Seminars, which instruct senior executives and marketing professionals on how to apply storytelling structure to their business in order to drive revenue, margins, and brand loyalty.


Prior to Skyword, Gerace founded Be Free, a publicly traded affiliate marketing platform and services company, which transformed online advertising from pay-per-view to pay-for-performance advertising. Early in his career, Gerace served as a senior business analyst at the Harvard Business School, where he wrote the first case studies on the emergence of the Internet in 1998.


Gerace received a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies, magna cum laude, from Harvard University in 1993. He was a senior business analyst at the Harvard Business School, where he authored case studies including “The Internet” and “The National Information Infrastructure.” He also assisted with the creation of the curriculum for the “Managing in the Marketspace” course within the MBA program.