Rashmy Chatterjee

Global Sales Leader | IBM Cyber Security


Ms. Rashmy Chatterjee leads Marketing and Communications for IBM in North America. Ms. Chatterjee is responsible for promoting the client experience, the IBM brand, and marketing IBM solutions. She held leadership positions in IBM’s Security Systems Division as the executive responsible for the integration of Q1Labs, a Security Intelligence company, and as the Sales Leader for the Security division’s North America business. Prior to moving to the U.S., she held multiple positions in IBM’s Growth Markets Unit. She was IBM Software Sales Leader for all Southeast Asian nations, India, and South Asia (ASEAN/ISA) and later had business responsibility for IBM channels, digital sales and geographic expansion in that region. Before joining IBM, she served as Deputy Director of Naval Design in the Indian Navy, where she was responsible for setting up the nation’s first Warship CAD/CAM center.


Rashmy’s knowledge and experience in supporting and developing business, strategy and high-value market segments. She has held and continues to hold leadership positions in many areas including sales, marketing, digital channels, branding, cultural building, and partnership strategies — for global and for IBM divisions. She is passionate about the power of “brand advocates” capable of generating demand for products in the market and has in-depth knowledge of the optimal use of Marketing, Field Sales, Business Partners and Digital Sales to successfully achieve business goals.


Rashmy graduated with an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Views and beliefs

Rashmy believes that technology enables and empowers a stronger society; one that is driven by innovation and transparency. She is a strong advocate for women in technology, having been the first female engineer to serve in the Indian Navy. She speaks frequently on this topic, most recently at the Leading Women Enterpreneurs 2015 Awards Panel and Cornell Entrepreneur Network Women in Technology conference.