Megan Golden

Head of Global Content Marketing | LinkedIn


Megan Golden is a seasoned marketer with ten plus years shaping brands, telling stories and building teams in the Silicon Valley. Today Megan leads global content marketing for LinkedIn Sales and Marketing solutions, driving narratives, building content franchises, and leading a small army of wicked-smart content creators. Many moons ago, she began her career at Salesforce partnering with the CMO on the go-to-market strategies for new vertical solutions.


University of Washington.  Also studied History, communication, was fond of dancing and art.

Thoughts and views

Over the past decade, an abundance of psychology research has shown that experiences bring people more happiness than new possessions. So we strive for our audience (500+ million members) to feel something. Everything we do and say and produce always comes from that core question: Is this good for the member? How does it benefit the member? We lead with emotion by being very member-first from the very core of LinkedIn, our vision and values, down to the visual creative.

We focus on making the members the heroes, showcasing aspirations and journeys through photography and film. For example, there’s a video our corporate marketing produced called Closer Than You Think, which ran during the Oscars two years ago. I think it’s really powerful and shows that sort of emotive style of visual content that we’re really good at.

Beyond the corporate level, because LinkedIn has several business lines and several marketing teams, what’s unique about what we do for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (and how that impacts our visual content) is that we market to marketers. Marketers are the worst skeptics toward other marketing. We can see through all of the marketing BS. So our audience really holds our team to a higher standard as content creators.

We’re constantly trying to push the boundaries of our own work while also highlighting other brands that marketers should admire. It’s really about our audience sort of forcing us to become better, more inspiring, and marvel marketers in our visual content.

Our Community team, which works closely with some of our most inspiring customers, recently produced a story that is a remarkable example of how we bring emotion to our content and provoke our members to see the humans that make up the largest network of professionals.


Don’t be a lazy marketer. Don’t find yourself phoning it in, being vanilla, asserting a blanket narrative instead of leveraging effective targeting and relevant content. And make sure that you keep your finger on the pulse of marketing trends, so you don’t just default to the ways that you are stuck in. Constantly seek new knowledge around innovative marketing, too.