Liza Dunning

Brand Writer & Content Lead at Airbnb


Liza Dunning is a brand writer, content strategist, and creative. She creates compelling brand narratives and content that connects and engages with the right audience.


She currently works as the brand writer and marketing content lead at Airbnb where she is proud to be a part of the mission to create the world’s first community-driven Superbrand.


Liza is a founding member and the brand creator of Scoutmob, a mobile app and e-commerce platform aimed to connect locals to the best of independent makers and local businesses. She developed the brand, helping pivot the company from its original model as a local wifi platform (SkyBlox) to a well-loved brand of deals and local editorial in 14 markets.


Outside of work, Liza has a chronic travel bug, an amateur photography hobby, and an obsession with spicy foods and other people’s dogs. She’s acted as a panelist, speaker, mentor, guest columnist, and advocate for all things creative, entrepreneurial, local, and edible.