Ilya Popov

Founder and General Producer at Riki Group

Story of success

Successful franchise “Smeshariki” appeared at the beginning of 2000. Prior to that, Ilya Popov, the main beneficiary of the Riki Group (it includes, in particular, the Riki Production Center, Marmalade Media, and the German company Smeshariki) was engaged in the production of computer games. Popova’s company had already managed to make several hundred games by the time the game about the magic world of sweet teeth entered the work. Over time, round creatures from. Brands of Smeshariki and Fiksiki are a success, the turnover of products issued by licensees amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the plans

Popov says his company is constantly looking for new heroes and new ideas to create other franchises. In October, he announced that he would soon introduce two new projects. The first is the animated series about the dinosaur Ricky, the second is the cartoon and the series “Children’s World”, the main characters of which will be “toys known to the Russian audience”.