Debra Jasper

Founder, CEO, Mindset Digital


I’m fascinated, always have been, by cultures, traditions, mega trends, micro trends, and everything related to powerful storytelling. I use that passion for telling stories to help people see the power in LinkedIn, Twitter and visual platforms… any of the tools they need to capture attention in this hyper-distracted world.


Debra Jasper, CEO and founder of Mindset Digital, helps leaders in Fortune 100 firms across the country get up to speed in a digital age.


She has delivered keynote talks around the world, from Utah to Ukraine. Thousands of people are also enrolled in her firm’s online training courses in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, SEO and digital advertising.


Debra, a former investigative journalist, has a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership, and wrote her dissertation on the art of powerful storytelling. She also has two degrees in journalism.