Bill Mcdermott



CEO of SAP, the world’s largest maker of business software. Former senior executive at Siebel Systems, Gartner and Xerox Corporation. Board member at Under Armour and Ansys, Inc. Author of Winners Dream – a Journey from Corner Store to Corner Office.


During his tenure as co-CEO and CEO, the market value of SAP increased from 39 to 144.7 billion. McDermott, along with Joanne Gordon, wrote the memoirs of Winners Dream: “Dream Winners: A Journey from a coal store to a corner office “), and was awarded a gold medal for the business memoirs of the year in the Axiom nomination. One of the most popular business leaders, the approval rating from SAP employees on the Glassdoor website is around 99%. He is a member of the European Industrialists’ Round Table and the US Business Council.


Dowling College


As a child, Bill took on any job. Each of them, whether physical labor or serving visitors in a cafe, taught something, helped to develop important skills: efficiently use their working time, be polite and conscientious, keep a word and always be responsible for everything you do. This early experience shaped an understanding of professionalism that Bill never gave up in his life.


— I have learned to adapt business strategies to particular markets. – Optimism is a free stimulus in any country. — Understand the corporate culture and respect its features. — Learn to feel the audience. — Develop empathy and at the expense of it try to captivate and inspire people.