Abelardo Ibanez

Vice President International, Weborama


With a Degree in Political Science and Public Administration, Abelardo joins Weborama in 2004 to establish the company’s activities in Spain, an objective that he achieves in 2006. During the next years he also consolidates Weborama as a strong company in the South of Europe. After holding international managing positions in the company, in 2013 he takes his current role as VP International.


His activity, always related to technology and data, leads him to manage several markets promoting the international growth of the company, being the opening of the New York office his last achieve during 2017.  Being present in the digital industry for almost 20 years, his previous experience in TV entertainment or B2B marketplaces gives him a wide vision about digital environment.


From his current position, Abelardo is also focused on Data projects looking for the most innovating solutions for the clients.

Digital Branding

The Summit program includes the world’s best examples of brand promotion in new media, the integration of all communication channels, digital, social and mobile technologies in marketing and advertising.