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The brunch in Black Thai bewitches at first sight. Not similar to usual Thai restaurants, with the surprising unique atmosphere, Black Thai reflects Thailand much more precisely, than the most truthful photo.

Matter in love and mood! Traditional motives in a new way sound in the conditions of modern fashionable restaurant. The graceful girl in national clothes “dances” on the glass panel separating a chamber podium from the big hall. The wooden columns covered with a carved ornament remind Buddhist mortars of Thailand, and the inlaid dragons policemen gleam from the cozy twilight of Black Thai. The thin side between national specifics and exotic color managed to be found in everything – from an interior to the faultless menu confirmed with quality of dishes.


Brunch at restaurant Black Thai

Brunch at restaurant Black Thai

Magnificence of Thai cuisine

The chef Dzhuntabup Aod could make national food modern: slightly ironic and at the same time faultlessly authentic – both in the concept, and in ingredients.

Only at the Thai dishes at the same time there is the whole palette of tastes: sharp, salty, sour, sweet and bitter. And all of them sound in unison, supplementing and shading each other. Shrill lime juice, sharp peppery paste and juicy fish sauce emphasize freshness and sweet to a sevicha from a salmon with a papaya and avocado.

Signature causticity obligatory that the hole softens coconut milk and the refreshing magnolia vine. Mint sauce brings a cool together with each piece of the seabass baked in banana leaves with garlic, a cilantro root, ginger and a stalk of a magnolia vine. By the way, the Thai eggplants, a tamarind, treat, mango, a papaya, лемонграсс, bring galangal and other products from Thailand to Moscow by planes.

Brunch at restaurant Black Thai

Brunch at restaurant Black Thai

Black Thai brunch

The restaurant surprisingly precisely reproduces national color, kitchen and the atmosphere of the Kingdom of Thailand where Brunches traditionally pass on Sundays, from 13:00 till 18:00. All family or the good friendly company in the best resort hotels of Thailand will remind the tables laid by various dishes exposed in the center of the Black Thai hall between Ganesha’s statues of slow lunches.

On tables – the main local hits from all sections of the menu:

  • Tartare sauce from a tuna and mango;
  • Thai to a sevicha from a salmon with a papaya and avocado;
  • green papaya with treat also lime sauce;
  • Pomelo and shrimps salad;
  • Thai bif-salad;
  • Collection juice beaters and spring rolls with different stuffings and sauces.

At the station with soups and a curry it is possible to try volume holes with coconut milk, mushroom soup with a celery, vegetable noodles and mushrooms soup, green a curry with a chicken and the Thai eggplants, yellow a curry with the Thai eggplants, mini-corn and a side-choy.

For a dessert

Roll with mango and passion fruit, pistachio parfaits with a chocolate krambl, coconut cake with fried white chocolate, Passion fruit chiz-mousse, poppy Bourbon cherry cake, banana cake, coconut baking, and, of course, fruit are offered.

Brunch at restaurant Black Thai

Brunch at restaurant Black Thai

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