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The embassy of brands realizes importance of providing the website, for the purpose of availability to all groups of users, including users with limited opportunities. Our pages are checked according to the current HTML standards and correspond to the Priority 1 and more to the Priority of 2 recommendations and instructions on availability of W3C. Where whenever possible we followed the instructions published by experts.

Legal declaration

Introduction (site), copes, JSC Embassy of Brands (further the Operator). We – the company registered in the Russian Federation. Our main registration number of the PSRN company 1187746735505, and our address of the registered office – Moscow, Okhotny Ryad, 2, an entrance 9 (the Business Centre “Moscow”) a floor 5, office 9.

Site use in the relations which have been listed below (Use conditions) which form the legal agreement between you and us and which can be changed only from our consent. Getting access and using the Site you agree with these Conditions; if you disagree on use Conditions, you have to stop using the Site. Conditions of use have to be read together with any detailed information provided on the Site how the Site works also services which the site provides. You have to read our Privacy policy also. We reserve the right from time to time to change these Conditions of use without previous notice, changing them on the Site. Conditions of use were updated on August 8th 2018.

Access to the Site

We do everything possible to minimize arising mistakes, but thus we cannot guarantee availability or a faultless condition of the website. You are responsible for that devices which you use and an operating system are compatible and include the specifications necessary for use, the Site. We cannot assume responsibility for any virus or other malicious software which you can meet using our website. You have to make sure that use anti-virus programs when using Internet.

The registered users can get access to access to certain areas of our Site only. You can send demands from the corresponding pages of the Site, having filled forms. If you made the decision to be registered, you have to accept also our Privacy policy which contains information on how we use any personal information which you provide to us. At login and filling of detailed information on you when you are registered on the Site, data are considered as strictly confidential anyway. If you have any problems concerning the registration in details or learn their any wrong use, you have to contact us. We reserve the right to clean, suspend or change the Site either certain functions or parts of the Site at any time. There can be also periods when the Site either certain functions or parts of the Site become inaccessible, on the planned or unplanned basis. You agree that we will not be inclined to you or any third party for any refusal, modification, inaccessibility, a suspension or the termination of the Site or any service available on or through the Site.

Site use

The registered users can get access to certain functions of our Site only. Look “At access to the Site” for more information. You have to use the Site and information available from the Site responsibly. No such information can be used for or in communication with any illegal, immoral or antisocial purpose, or way which is or can cause damage to our name or reputation.

Information accuracy

This Site may contain reports, news, updatings or other information provided with the third parties. We include this information on the Site as it can be of interest to users, and we will use reasonable efforts and we guarantee that information on the Site is exact. However, the material published on the Site, is not intended to lean on it as the guarantor; we do not represent or we guarantee that any information is exact, full or actual and to the full volume allowed by the law, we do not accept responsibility for any losses or the damage caused by any confidence, placed in such information you or any to whom you give such information. Please, also look at the Responsibility page for obtaining additional data. If you find inexact information on Site pages, please, give us, and we will try to correct it if we agree with your remarks.

Right for intellectual property

© BrandsEmbassy of 2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without special and written permission from the author and/or the owner of this site are strictly forbidden. Excerpts and references can be used, under a condition, mentions (reference) to a source. You should not use, copy, reproduce, change, publish, tell, sell or operate, our name, trademarks, emblems or other marks or any maintenance of the Site, except for use provided in these Conditions or as differently it is reasonably instructed by us. Where we advertize its availability, you can load information from the Site. Any such information has to be used only for your own personal noncommercial use. You also can buy also reports or other information advertized on our Site, contacting our department of customer service. The rights provided to you according to these Conditions of use, have to end directly after your violation of any of these Conditions of use.

References from a site on other websites

We provide some hyperlinks from the Site on other sites which are operated by other organizations. We are not responsible for external websites to which the Site refers or which refer to it. Our publication of hyperlinks does not mean material confirmation on such sites or any communication with their operators. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to forbid any reference from other site to materials or information on the Site.

If you want to unite to the Site, you are able to do it only having entered on house the Site page, and accepting the following conditions:

  • the reference does not mislead, deceptive and has to point fairly to the Site as on the reference destination;
  • You do not delete, distort or otherwise change the size or emergence of our logo;
  • You do not create structure or any other browser or limit environment round the Site;
  • You at all do not mean that we confirm any products or services except our own;
  • You do not distort the relations with us, submit any other false or misleading information on us;
  • You do not use in the purposes of any of the trademarks displayed on the Site without our obvious written permission;
  • You do not refer to the website which does not belong to you;

any website from which you contact the Site, does not contain the forbidden contents which is unpleasant, offensive or disputable, violates any rights for intellectual property or other rights of any other person or otherwise does not carry out all current laws and instructions.

OR [You cannot communicate from other site on Site pages, without our prior written consent and acceptance of our standard form of the license of connection of the website.]

Our responsibility

This Site, its contents and any services offered through it, are provided, “as is”. We will execute our duties in a hosting of the Site and its contents with reasonable skill and leaving but in spite of the fact that we hope that the Site will be of interest to users, we do not offer guarantees or conditions and we do not accept responsibility concerning the Site or its contents to full volume, such responsibility can be excluded by the law. We do not assume responsibility for any use of this Site under your registration in details the third party where you did not provide confidentiality of the user name or the password. If you are a user of our paid services, under no circumstances we are not responsible for straight or indirect losses, losses of profit, the income, savings how being result of your use, or inability to use, the Site or information on the Site. Except for use provided in these Conditions.

How to contact us

If you have problems with the Site or would like to comment on it, please address to us any of the next ways:

  • by e-mail on
  • by phone +7 (495) 015 – 3 – 128 between hours [10:00 and 19:00 GMT]
  • in the letter to us in: Okhotny Ryad, 2, эт. 5, office 509, Moscow, Russia

We can send any formal formal notices by e-mail or to the postal address stated above. Surely specify in a letter subject: Your question and your full name. In a body of the letter specify requisites on which we can send the answer to your questions.

Privacy policy

Policy concerning processing of personal information

General provisions:

The real policy of processing of personal information is made according to requirements of the Federal law of 27.07.2006. No. 152-FZ “About personal information” also defines an order of processing of personal information and a measure for safety of personal information of JSC Embassy of Brands (further – the Operator).

The operator sets as the major purpose and a condition of implementation of the activity observance of the rights and freedoms of the person and the citizen when processing his personal information, including protection of the rights for personal privacy, personal and family secret.
The real policy of the Operator concerning processing of personal information (further – Policy) is applied to all information which the Operator can receive about visitors of the website

The basic concepts used in Policy:

  • The automated processing of personal information – processing of personal information by means of computer aids;
  • Blocking of personal information – the temporary termination of processing of personal information (except for cases if processing is necessary for specification of personal information);
  • The website – set of graphic and information materials, and also the computer programs and the databases providing their availability on the Internet to the network address;
  • Information system of personal information — set of personal information containing in databases, and information technologies providing their processing and technical means;
  • Depersonalization of personal information — actions as a result of which the specific User or other subject of personal information cannot define accessory of personal information without use of additional information;
  • Processing of personal information – any action (operation) or set of the actions (operations) made with use of an automation equipment or without use of such means with personal information, including collecting, record, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification (updating, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, granting, access), a depersonalization, blocking, removal, destruction of personal information;
  • The operator – government body, municipal body, the legal or natural person, it is independent or together with other persons organizing and (or) carrying out processing of personal information, and also defining purposes of processing of personal information, structure of the personal information which is subject to processing, the actions (operation) made with personal information;
  • Personal information – any information relating directly or indirectly to the defined or defined User of the
  • website;
  • The user – any visitor of the website;
  • Granting personal information – the actions directed on disclosure of personal information to a certain person or a certain circle of people;
  • Distribution of personal information – any actions directed on disclosure of personal information to an uncertain circle of people (transfer of personal information) or on acquaintance with personal information of an unlimited circle of people, including publication of personal information in mass media, placement in information and telecommunication networks or providing access to personal information any different way;
  • Cross-border transfer of personal information – transfer of personal information on the territory of the foreign state to authority of the foreign state, the foreign natural or foreign legal entity;
  • Destruction of personal information – any actions as a result of which personal information is destroyed irrevocably with impossibility of further recovery of the maintenance of personal information in information system of personal information and (or) which result material carriers of personal information are destroyed.

The operator can process the following personal information of the User

  • TAX pay number
  • Company / brand name
  • Surname, Name (The Responsible person from the company or a brand)
  • Phone number;
  • E-mail address;
  • Also on a site there is a collecting and processing of the depersonalized data on visitors (including the cookie files) by means of Internet statistics services (Yandex the Metrics and Google of the Analyst and others).
  • Above-mentioned data in the text of Policy are integrated further by the general concept Personal information.

Purposes of processing of personal information

The purpose of processing of personal information of the User — the conclusion, contracts; providing access to the User to services, information and/or the materials containing on the website; specification of details of the order.
Also the Operator has the right to send to the User of the notice of new products and services, special offers and various events, in the form of e-mails and (or) SMS messages. The user can always refuse obtaining information messages, having sent the Operator the letter on the e-mail address of with a mark “Refusal from notices of new products and services and special offers”.
The depersonalized data of Users collected by means of services of Internet statistics, serve for collection of information about actions of Users on a site, improvements of quality of a site and its contents.

Legal grounds of processing of personal information

The operator processes personal information of the User only in case of their filling and/or sending by the User independently through the special forms located on a site Filling the corresponding forms and/or sending the personal information to the Operator, the User expresses the consent with this Policy.
The operator processes the depersonalized data on the User in case it is authorized in settings of the browser of the User (saving of the cookie files and JavaScript technology use is included).
Order of collecting, storage, transfer and other types of processing of personal information

Safety of personal information which are processed by the Operator, is provided by realization of the legal, organizational and technical measures necessary for performance in full of requirements of the current legislation in the field of protection of personal information.

The operator provides safety of personal information and takes all possible measures excluding access to personal information of unauthorized persons.

Personal information of the User never, under no circumstances will not be transferred to the third parties, except for the cases connected with performance of the current legislation.
In case of detection of inaccuracies in personal information, the User can staticize them independently, by the direction to the Operator the notice on the e-mail address of the Operator of with a mark “Updating of personal information”.
The term of processing of personal information is unlimited. The user can withdraw at any time the consent to processing of personal information, having directed to the Operator the notice by means of e-mail on an e-mail address of the Operator of with a mark “A response of a consent to processing of personal information”.

Mobile application

  • The operator has own BEmbassy mobile application (Brands Embassy) which has been officially placed in Apple Store and Google Play.
  • References to the appendix are placed on each page of a site (this site)
  • By means of the appendix the Operator sends to users of a site various notices in the form of PUSH (system) messages. If the application is installed on the equipment of the user, to it notices if the user removes the appendix from the equipment (device) that messages will come will not come. (except for periodic mailing on an electron to mail and SMS messages.
    Installing the application, the user accepts this privacy policy and conditions of processing of personal information.

Cross-border transfer of personal information

The operator prior to implementation of cross-border transfer of personal information is obliged to be convinced that the foreign state on which territory it is supposed to carry out transfer of personal information, provides reliable protection of the rights of subjects of personal information.
Cross-border transfer of personal information in the territory of the foreign states which are not meeting the above requirements, can be carried out only in case of consent existence in writing the subject of personal information on cross-border transfer of its personal information and/or performance of the contract which party is the subject of personal information.

Final provisions

The user can receive any explanations on the interesting questions concerning processing of his personal information, having addressed to the Operator by means of e-mail
Any changes of policy of processing of personal information by the Operator will be reflected in this document. The policy works is termless before replacement with its new version.
The actual version of Policy in a free access is located on the Internet at the address


We reserve the right from time to time to change this privacy policy, changing it on the site page. This privacy policy was updated on August 09, 2018.

We can collect and process the following data on you:

  • information which you provide at formation by the registered user (including, for example, a name, the address, telephone number and the e-mail address)
  • information at, fillings of forms on the Site, for example during sending the demand or a subscription to any service.
  • information which you enter in a site including, for example, information placed or presented to a site as by the registered user
  • information from reviews which we use for research if you make the decision to respond to them
    communications which you send us, for example to report about a problem with or to submit the comment concerning the Site
  • We can collect and process also information on you that you cannot actively use, for example details of your visits on a site (including, but without being limited, transport data, data on location and resources to which you get access). We can make it using cookie or other technologies.


The operator uses cookie through our websites to improve their productivity and to improve your user experience. The operator created this policy to explain how we do it.

What is cookies?

Cookie – small text files which the website can put on your computer or mobile device when you at first visit a site or the page. Cookie will help the website to distinguish your device next time when you visit the Site. Cookie carry out many functions, for example, they can help us to remember your user name and preferences, to analyze as well our website works, and allow us to send that you approve it, we believe that will be most correctly and to concern you precisely. Cookie may contain personal information, such as journalizing of your user name at login of a site of the Operator

What type of cookies uses the Operator

Essential Some cookie are important for work of our website and allow us to identify participants, thus, we can guarantee that they can get access to pages only for members. If the participant decides to disconnect these cookies, the participant will not be able to get access to all contents. Accepting use of functionality of login, you have to agree on settlement of certain cookie which allow these areas to function

Productivity Cookie. We use other cookie to analyse as visitors use our websites and to control website productivity. It allows us to provide high-quality experience, adjusting our offer and quickly identification and elimination of any problems which arise. From tracking of the most popular pages to detection why some pages receive error messages, we use these cookie to allocate articles or site services that we think, will be of interest to you on the basis of your use of the website.

Functionality Cookie. cookie of Functionality allow us to remember your preferences. Cookie relieve you of need to enter your user name each time when you get access to a site and remember your preferences, such as, what sections of the website you want to see when you are included into system of the Operator also use third-party files of cookies, such as Google Analytics to help us to control our traffic of a site. These third-party Cookie files can help us with market research, income tracking, improvement of functionality of a site and monitoring observance with our provisions and conditions and policy concerning copyright. For example, reviews or comparisons can be added by the third parties as the added functionality. We will try to guarantee full disclosure of any cookie against third-party websites.

Visitors can block cookies?

When you got access to our site, you had to see information which explains that, continuing to get access to our site, you agree on our use you can disconnect cookies. Please, rumple that if you really make the decision to disconnect cookies, you can face that certain sections of our website will correctly not function.

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