The Media centre at Brands Embassy

— will help your company to create video records in the worthy atmosphere, to write down the video message or an interview.

Media centre

The modern companies seriously think of absolutely other submission of information

For example, the producer of tower cranes from Europe, opens Instagram accounts and places media materials. “To what it?” – you ask if business of customers of cranes is obvious. The answer is very simple:

— Those companies which quickly and accurately learn to address the target audience, including, using new channels of perception, will remain in the market in the future and subsequently will create trends.

Now video which is finished shooting on the smartphone, much more popularly and more demanded is simpler in creation for target audience.

A key to success of Media centre in simplicity and ease:

  • professionalism and authoritativeness of the speaker;
  • valuable content;
  • fast speed of dissemination of information.


Media centre

Example of creation of content:


The company has the excellent decision (goods or service) which is necessary in the market today and answers all necessary inquiries, but customers or do not know about it, or the usual bureaucracy and ignorance do not give the chance to new services and products to find the constant consumers.


In Media centre we prepare the special project on which interview is invited the representative of the developer company of new service and several famous specialists of the relevant industry and also (if it is necessary) the representative of the potential customer.

To make supply of material the easiest (it will become clear even to the people far from this industry), as the interviewer we will invite the popular blogger or the leader of opinion by means of which your future content will become interesting and less scientific (remember an example with tower cranes).