terms of service

The visa in Brands Embassy

The visa provides corporate access to services and technologies of Embassy of brands within calendar month.

Cost of the Visa of Embassy of brands ₽. 54,000 for a month of service.

During the entire period of service:

  • The embassy of brands informs owners of the visa on the current and planned actions in which representatives (employees) can participate;
  • carries out escort of staff of the company on all actions of Embassy of brands;
  • regularly informs on the held international events from where the company can receive the exclusive content in Russian which is previously processed and supplied with comments from experts of Embassy of brands for application in the area.
  • The embassy of brands can represent the interests of participants in internal interactions with any partners and clients.

In the first month of service enters:

  • Passport of the company. ¹ Including offers for partners and clients.
  • Creation of profiles. Competences of your experts and speakers will be displayed in a profile.
  • Plan of measures. Including coordination and creation of subjects of your actions and speeches of experts of the company with formation of short commercial representation.
  • Organization of meetings. Business actions, negotiations, round tables and lunches in the territory of Embassy of brands in Moscow, with the invitation of people, important for your company.
  • Maintenance. Preparation of meetings with foreign partners and involvement of the necessary experts.
  • Barter. Formation of applications for receiving the necessary goods or services in exchange for the offer.
  • MediaCube. Record and various “experiments” with media content, in creative laboratory of Embassy of brands — “MediaCube”.
  • Trendwatching. Continuous access of staff of the company to information resources and analytics on business trends of the different industries.
  • Circular economy. Participation in projects on rapprochement of interests with partners and clients of IMC, “Circular economy”, Sharing models.
¹Passport is an internal profile, a card of the company in Embassy of brands, with the indication of the main requirements and accents of activity, for the subsequent synchronization with the interested participants.

Since the second month of service:

For participants corporate access to regular actions of Embassy of brands and access to videos of all actions without restrictions is added.

ⓘ the basic package of the visa includes visit of 5 actions in a month for one employee (different employees can attend different actions, however, participation more than one employee of one company is paid in addition).

For the third month of service

We add a feature for testing of your ideas, hypotheses, offers for new goods and company services, among different target audiences, potential clients and partners.


The contract of rendering services from LLC Embassy of Brands and other documents is provided to the legal entity which made payment of the visa on the invoice, or the natural person who paid the cost of the visa on the website brandsembassy.com with the cash card or paid the visa from the account of the organization.

By default all documents are provided by LLC Embassy of Brands in electronic form.

ⓘ The draft agreement is provided on demand.